Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hunt Reunion 2011

Our Hunt reunion was in June this year on the Kaibab mountain. It was so cold at night sleeping in a tent but somehow we survived. It was a lot fun and the kids got so disgustingly dirty. I love my family reunions!

Only a mother could love that face :)

Cake walk with the cousins

Treasure Hunt

Best buds~ Ayzie and McKayle

My Ellie belly

My sisters

Handsome Hubby

Look at those faces! We couldn't keep them out of the dirt. They pretty much looked like this the entire time.

We do a family raffle every year where each family brings something to put in the raffle. Its to earn money for the family so that we can do reunions every year. All three of my kids got their names drawn out on something.

Ayzie and her bag full of prizes

Ellie won this puppy backpack filled with candy. She was in heaven!

Lucky Cole won a boomerang and a remote control helicopter.

Cole's Baptism

My sweet, handsome boy. I love you!

Cole was baptized on June 4 2011. This was a big decision for Cole because he was terrified of all the people being there. He knew that he wanted to be baptized but really didn't want to do it in front of people. We explained to him that there had to be a few people there like the Bishop and a member of the primary presidency. After a couple of months talking about it he decided he was ready. We told him that he could invite or not invite anybody he wanted, it was his special day. I think that made it easier for him. He only invited the people that play a big part in his life and that he is most comfortable with. I think we may have hurt a few feelings but everyone just had to understand that this was Cole's day and this is how he was most comfortable. Grandma Carlene gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and Krista Wasden gave a talk on Baptism. Jamie Campbell gave the invocation and Grandma Deb gave the benediction. Carson worked really hard to be able to baptize and confirm Cole. I was so nervous for Carson but he wasn't nervous at all. He did such a wonderful job and the confirmation was amazing. Cole was not scared at all the morning of his baptism and he did wonderfully through the whole thing. I was so extremely proud of my husband for what a great job he did and for my Cole boy for being brave and making this wonderful decision even though he was terrified. I love my family!

Carson and Cole. Cole is much bigger than most 8 year old and you can see in this picture how little his white clothes are on him.

Half of the room.

The other half of the room.

My family

My cute kids.

Cole and Carson

Cole and his uncle Sam

Cole and Grandma Carlene

The luncheon afterwards. I didn't get great pictures because everyone was to busy eating to stop and smile:)

Thank you to our family and friends that made this day so special for Cole. We love you!

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Crazies!

Cole got these googly eyes from school and they were playing with them one night. My clown Cole decided to put them in his eyes. It was hilarious! They looked so funny!

We could only get one to work on Ayz, her eye sockets were a little to small but she still thought she was funny.

Silly Kids!

Summer Fun

Swimming with our friends the Rawlings is always such a good time. Here is Cole with his best friend Garrett. They were trying to be so cool!

I love this picture where they are just laughing and being themselves.

Ayzie loves the water.

Ellie loved jumping into the pool and wanted a picture of her in action so that's what we did.

Just chillin in pool. Good ole' summer days!

Tayler's High School Graduation 2011

My smart, sweet, and gorgeous niece Tayler Anne Honey graduated from Fredonia High School. I seriously cannot believe that she is now in college! She is so smart and has such a great personality that I know she will do good in college and be great at whatever she chooses in life. I love you my little Tate Bug!

Tayler receiving her diploma

She is so beautiful

Tayler, Me and Ayzie

Grandma Deb and Tayler

Last Day of School 2011

Cole's last day of 2nd grade. He had such a good school year. He loved his teacher Mrs. Decker and he loved it that his best friend Garrett was in his class. I got to help out a couple of times a week in Cole's class this year and it was so much fun being able to get to know all the kids and Mrs Decker better. He had such a fun class. Now we are onto 3rd grade!

Last day of school just waiting for the last bell to ring them into summer!

Ellie's Kindergarten Graduation

Ellie is officially done with kindergarten and on to the first grade. She looked so cute in her little black graduation cap. Carson was working out of town and wasn't able to be there but Grandma Carlene came and it made her day. She lit up when she saw us sitting there. They sang all the cute little songs that they had learned through out the year and then they got their diplomas. It was a cute program.

Ellie during her program.

The kids sitting on their rug in their classroom afterwards.

Ellie and her teacher Ms. Bowman. She loved Ms. Bowman and was sad to leave her.

We got to take pictures in the "C" for Coral Canyon. She thought that was pretty cool.

And of course Ayzie had to have her picture taken too.